Planning Submitted For Drakelow Park

Roger Bullivant Ltd (RBL) and E.ON UK (E.ON) have submitted a planning application for the Drakelow Park site near Burton on Trent, to deliver a sustainable mixed-use scheme to meet local housing, employment and recreational needs.

The application follows a series of public exhibitions, presentations and the launch of a dedicated website. These allowed more than 400 people from the area to voice their views on the proposals so they could be reflected in the planning submission masterplan.

The outline planning application for the 110 hectare predominantly brownfield site includes:

  • Approximately 2,200 new homes, including family homes and a retirement village
  • Two mixed use neighbourhood centres with space for food and drink, retail, small businesses and community space set around a village square
  • Refurbishment of the listed stables and cottages for a mix of retail, community space, office and residential accommodation
  • A new primary school to accommodate 420 pupils
  • An employment park of approximately 50,000 sq m of employment space for research and development and light industry
  • About 35 per cent of the site will be green spaces, including parks, village squares, mature woodland, sports pitches, green corridors and a woodland nature trail
  • Improvement to transport infrastructure and local roads and a public transport hub in each local centre including covered waiting areas, new buses and real-time traffic information
  • New safe pedestrian and cycle routes.

Chris Chatfield from RBL says: "The public exhibitions and the website provided a great opportunity for local residents to get involved in the creation of a comprehensive masterplan for this brownfield site.

"The team has now created a vibrant scheme which will create new jobs, deliver much-needed new family, retirement and affordable homes as well as facilities for local people."

The Drakelow Park team is seeking to ensure that 40 per cent of all journeys are made by sustainable modes of transport by significant investment into facilities from an early stage of the development.

Chris Chatfield continued: "There was a huge amount of enthusiasm for the scheme at the last exhibition and it quickly became clear that people place just as much importance on the outside space as the physical buildings and infrastructure.

"Around 35 per cent of the site will be dedicated to green spaces including parks, mature woodland, village squares and sports pitches - all important features that will help establish Drakelow Park as a special place to live, work and play."

RBL and E.ON UK plc both own land within the proposed Drakelow Park site. RBL currently uses some of the site for its UK headquarters and a variety of light industrial activities. E.ON owns the railway land that runs through the RBL site.

Published: 08 May 2009

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