Planning Policy

The Government is committed to housing supply to tackle long-term under supply of housing and the affordability gap.

The East Midlands Regional Plan requires 5,600 new homes to be provided for in the Swadlincote area up to 2026 and the draft West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy has set a target of 11,000 new homes for Burton upon Trent up to 2026. South Derbyshire is part of the 'Three Cities and Three Counties' Growth Point area and Burton upon Trent is the main focus of the East Staffordshire Growth Point.

Drakelow Park lies within South Derbyshire and adjoins Burton and East Staffordshire and is well placed to meet housing demands in the area.

It is national, regional and local policy to promote sustainable development, including making efficient use of previously developed land (brownfield land) to meet development needs and avoid sensitive areas such as flood plains or areas of high landscape quality.

Drakelow Park is one of the largest brownfield sites in the Midlands and it is not susceptible to major flood risk. It offers the opportunity for a sustainable mixed-use extension to Burton whilst also providing new homes, jobs and services for South Derbyshire. This could reduce the need for the release of green field sites or sites more prone flooding elsewhere in South Derbyshire and East Staffordshire.

Constraints map

This Plan illustrates that in and around Burton there are many physical constraints restricting development and very few unconstrained sites for the new housing required in the area.

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