Site History

The character of this 1,000 year old site is strongly determined by the use to which the land has been put over time.

Sunken GardenDrakelow means 'Dragons Mound' in Anglo Saxon, indicating a burial ground with a guardian spirit. For nine centuries the land was the home of the Gresley family until the 1930s.

Drakelow Hall, an Elizabethan manor house rebuilt in the 18th Century and the ancestral home of the Gresleys, was demolished in 1934 following the sale of the estate. The extensive grounds and belts of mature woodland that surrounded the Hall continue to provide a landscape structure for the site, although the deer park and 'One Mile Avenue' that led to the Hall were removed on construction of Drakelow power station.

There are a number of Grade II listed structures remaining, including a stable block and cottages, sunken river terraces, a garden wall and gate lodge and piers.

Drakelow power stationIn 1950, Drakelow was bought by the Electricity Board for a new power station due to its proximity to abundant water supplies from the River Trent and coal from the South Derbyshire coalfields. Drakelow A, B and C power stations were constructed over a period spanning 1950-1966. All three power stations have now been decommissioned and major structures demolished.

In 1971, Roger Bullivant Ltd, opened at the Drakelow site and grew to become the largest foundation contractor in the UK

Listed BuildingThe company currently occupies the land to the east and south east of the former power station site for a variety of light industrial activities and the aim is to relocate the business to the adjacent land enabling Drakelow Park to be developed on this brownfield site.

Roger Bullivant sold Roger Bullivant Ltd in July 2011, but has retained ownership of Drakelow Developments Ltd which owns the Drakelow Park site.

The regeneration and investment into Drakelow Park will provide the opportunity to restore the listed buildings and structures, as well as opening this attractive woodland and riverside site to the public.

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